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We will fight for you in the most tactful way, meeting and exceeding client objectives wherever possible. Once you walk through the doors of Iredale Criminal Defense, the mutual selection process begins. We have to be the right fit for you and you for us. If we work together, our goal will always be to take the pressure and stress off of you and your family. Iredale Criminal Defense will handle your legal matter while you continue to live your life. We will never promise an outcome, but will always promise and deliver 100 percent effort and dedication to your cause.

If you’d like to see whether we are the right fit to work together, you may schedule an appointment where we will discuss your case. We do not charge for this appointment because it is an opportunity to determine whether we will work together. You may schedule the appointment by phone or email.

Our office is located at:

The Senator Building
105 West “F” Street, 4th floor
San Diego, CA 92101. 

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