Danielle is great! 5.0 stars

“She was able to get me the minimal sentence for my complicated case. I've had multiple felonies and was facing 6 years. With Danielle's as my attorney, I only did 6 weeks in a work furlough program and I was fortunate enough to keep my job. She has demonstrated excellent analytical skills and her diligence gives me no other choice but to recommend her as a criminal defense lawyer.”  Robert 

Someone who cares, you are not just a name 5.0 stars

“Ms. Iredale was hired to defend my son. From the first meeting Ms Iredale truly HEARD my son . She understood the scope of his life, his losses and his struggles. She invested so much, not only her legal expertise but her personal time and concern. I was present for the first time when she went before the court and argued on behalf of my son, four people wanted to know who this attorney was.  That is how impressive she is. She is truly someone you can trust to put you or your loved ones life in her hands.”

Amazing experience! 5.0 stars

“From the moment we met her, she explained that her goal was to take off the stress of our situation. She knocked that one out of the park and made the entire process stress free for us. I couldn't say enough good things about Danielle from her professionalism to her sincere care about our well-being.”

Thankful for Danielle 4.0 stars

“Found Danielle Iredale after getting caught up in some ridiculous DEA scheme. I was scared as heavy sentences where being discussed. Danielle helped me navigate through unfamiliar territory with grace. She worked well with all the agencies. I got the best possible outcome available to me thanks to her fighting me. She really does care. Highly recommend Danielle.
Added bonus - DEA all respect the sur name Iredale and I appreciated having that recognition representing me”

Wonderful Lawyer! 5.0 stars

“Danielle was such a pleasure to work with! She was so understanding, kind and efficient. Right from the start, she listened to the situation and made her recommendations and suggestions. She did not pressure me into any situation and prepped me very well for everything. Not having any background in the justice system, she explained it in a way that I was not confused. Her pricing was beyond reasonable, and she worked with me to help me stay on budget. She made me feel so comfortable throughout this whole process, and her results were incredible. It was a win-win! She also arranged it so I barely had to miss any work, which was so considerate of her. I would 100% recommend Danielle to anyone in need of a lawyer!”

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