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Danielle Iredale 

Danielle Iredale understands that being accused of a crime is often the most stressful and nerve-racking experience of ones life. It puts pressure on the individual and their family alike. Iredale Criminal Defense always aims to take that burden off the accused. When faced with defending yourself against all the power and resources of the government, it is important to find an advocate like Danielle Iredale.

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  • Federal Criminal Defense
  • State Criminal Defense
  • Felony Strikes
  • Trials
  • Warrants, Bail, Expungements & Probation
  • White Collar Defense
  • Restraining Order Hearings
  • Restoring Gun Rights
  • Prop 64 Reductions & Prop 47 Reductions
  • Certificates of Rehabilitation & Governor’s Pardons

Iredale Criminal Defense is a boutique law practice providing zealous advocacy for serious and complex criminal cases